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Project planett
- a creative space in Tainan

In the end, we all need a base to build our dream.
To be unlimited, to be creative.

Launched in March 2014, planett is the first space to combine coworking with design residency, featuring transnational, industrial-academic projects among creatives, artisans and manufacturers. By holding regular meetups, events, and connecting aliens with local communities, planett acts as a creative base for aliens to develop their projects in Asia.

learning by doing

We believe in learning by doing and the maker spirit. Though we are a tiny (but mighty!) team with limited resources, we do our utmost to build the idyllic space for creatives from around the world. After 3 years, we’ve hosted over 300 aliens, held more than 50 meetups in Tainan and established relationships with partner spaces in the UK, Netherlands, Thailand and Japan.  

Our ALIEN community

ALIEN (n, adj,) Independent, Liberal, Creative, Intergalactic Time Traveller

Based on the concept of freedom, creativity, and cultural exchange, we created planett as a community for free-minded creatives to come together. Those creatives are what we lovingly refer to as “aliens.” A true alien embraces their differences and appreciates the “road less travelled by.”
In today’s day and age, talented individuals don’t need to conform to a mould or fit into the corporate environment. The lifestyle of a freelancer opens the possibilities to greater flexibility, creativity and a variety of projects.

Creative journey in Tainan

Imagine waking up bathed in the sunshine of the oldest city in Taiwan. Get slicked up, walk downstairs, make yourself a simple but tasty breakfast (traditional Taiwanese or European) for less than 1 or 2 bucks. Aliens gather around the lounge in the living room or their desks, chatting about plans and new ideas for the coming days. With tea and sandwich in hand, you can head directly to the balcony, taking in the city below you, imagining the possibilities of a new day. Or, link up with your fellow aliens in the lounge, joining in on the lively conversation and collaboration.

If you want to venture out in the city, our cabin chief will provide you a bike and magical map or, on occasion a free tour. When you’re ready to create, alien mentors and alien friends will listen to you, providing viable suggestions with their local expertise to make your creative endeavors more lucrative and economical.

In a nutshell, planett is an inspirational hub where aliens can enjoy sharing opinions, enthusiasm, cooking ideas and more, while exploring new possibilities in the journey of creation.


自由時報 (Free Times)
荷蘭設計師造鄭成功戲偶 看見台灣工藝之美 
Traditional Puppets Created by Dutch Designer Showing the Beauty of Taiwan Artifact

小日子 (c’est si bon)
【星球空間】轉角的烏托邦基地 各路人馬湊一起 
Utopian Base in the Corner Gathering People From Around the World

全台第一個民間結合設計駐村的 co-working space,Planett!
The first co-working space combines design residency in Taiwan, Planett !

Beyonder Times   
外國新創搶進駐,台南第一家設計co-working space
First Co-working Space for Designers in Tainan, “Planett” Aims to Connect Foreigners and Locals

新活水(Fountain of Creativity)
讓世界走進來-planett 匯聚設計創作家 
Bring the World in - Planett Gathers Design Makers Together

聯合報 (udn.com)
Planett 打造夢想基地 歡迎「外星人」進駐 
Planett Constructs a Dream Base, welcome all ALIENS to join

台北村落之聲 (Village Taipei)
一起創造星球吧! planett 專訪 
Lets Create Together ! A Special Report on Planett 

Little Post 「一小步」(HK)
Planett : - An All-play base for Creation


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