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2013 - 2017 Co-founder at planett
A designer who doesn’t want to be categorized and limited.

Currently work as a digital nomad, looking for project role as a brand strategy consultant, project manager or event coordinator.

Contact   :   nos@yuannos.com    

A designer who can't be categorized 

In 2013, Yu-an graduated from the Industrial Design Department at Cheng Kung University. She is interested in exploring relationships between identity, symbols and concepts. For her, it’s all about how humans communicate  and create with each other, in relation to politics, history, social & culture.

By the end of 2013, she, along with her friends founded "planett", the first coworking space in Taiwan to combine design residency with coworking, where locals and internationals can come together to create, share and grow. Fast forward 4 years later and planett has landed more than 300 aliens from around the world, hosted over 50 meetups in Tainan and established partner spaces in the UK, Netherlands, Thailand and Japan (more about planett.)

Meanwhile, Yu-an has lent her creativity to projects surrounding branding strategy, UX&service design and content management. Yu-an is a true creator tackling the seemingly “impossible” tasks with innovation and a design mindset.

A design mindset empower everyone in everyday situations.

A design thinking mindset is not a fancy concept merely for designers. It can empower everyone in everyday situations. When we take things seriously and willing to put efforts in it, we Design it. Everyone has their own path to solve problems, but the point is, do we realize the way we think and how we improve can help us create a better solution?

Since 2015,  Yu-an started designing lectures and workshops in creative thinking, critical thinking and graphic design for college students who don’t major in design but are inquisitive about creativity. Through depth-in discussion and analytical insights, students were encouraged to present their individual creative solution to their daily life.


設計師、自由工作者。畢業於成功大學工業設計學系,興趣是史哲、社會學與系統設計。擅長創意思考、問題解析、統籌策劃與系統建立。2013-17 為 planett 創意空間的創辦人既運營者。目前於聯合設計工作室「計畫反差」擔任設計師。執行案件包含品牌識別規劃、使用者經驗與服務設計、設計學程講師及工作坊教練,並曾負責多位國際設計師在台灣的交流專案。相信設計是為了更好的可能,從體系制度到個人產品,透過更多的文化融合與交流,多元的觀點與知識整併,能讓人類有機會一同共創協作,通往更好的未來。


National Cheng Kung University
- Industrial Design
2009 - 2013


Project Management & Coordination
UX Design (IA, Content Mangement)
Service Design
Branding strategy
Visual Communication
Workshop & Lecture Design


Native proficiency
Professional working proficiency

Area of Interests

Innovation Design
System & Game Design
Culture integration
Social & Cultur Anthropology


+31 6 26 24 30 24

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Co-founder & Director

 at  planett, Tainan (2013 - 2017)

Project Lead

at JOININ.WINE, Taipei (Sep - current 2017)

Visual Communication Designer

at amusing contrast alliance, Tainan  (2016 - current)
at Archex, Shanghai (Mar - May 2017)

UX & Strategy Designer

at 9Floor Apt, Taipei (Jul - Se[ 2017)
at Klockwork, Taipei (Jul - Se[ 2017)


creative thinking, critical thinking and graphic design

2015 - lecturer - design thinking - National cheng kung university
2015 - Speaker - Pechkuch 20X20 Tainan
2016 - Coach - 321art village renewal workshop
2016 - lecturer - Branding and identity - H.I.T. for Asia X NCKU
2016 - lecturer - Introduction of design - SYSU X flyingV startup course
2016 - lecturer - The Sharing Economy & Service Innovatio in old town city - TUT  
2016 - lecturer & planner - cococamp service design workshop
2016 - lecturer - critical creative thinking - CJCU : hackathon
2016 - lecturer & planner - critical creative thinking workshop - National cheng kung university
2017 - lecturer & planner - improvisation design  workshop


Intercultural communication in Taiwan

2015 - Alissa+Nienke - ceramic cups (Netherlands)
2015 -  Hydraulics and Ocean Engineering Department NCKU -project floating garden

2015 -  Alexander Peli - plastic stool
2016 -  Teun Fleskens - Bee hotel (Netherlands)
2016 - Curator - Exploring Tainan Craft - Lilian van Stekelenburg  (video)
2016 - Curator - Exploring Tainan Craft - Gerard Jasperse  (video)
2016 - Tainan Design Night - The Place Hotel tainan Xplanett  

Product Designer

Furniture and home decoration

2013 Taiwan Designers' Week / Rising Star 設計星勢力 - Terrazo serice  Sunocha  
2013 Stockholm Furniture Design Fair - Bamboo serice - Huh!Design

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